The Monster Mash Shake

The Monster Mash Shake Recipe

This Halloween, if you’re in the mood for a frightfully delicious shake that will haunt you and all of your friends, give The Monster Mash Shake a try! The recipe is simple, easy, fun, and as crazy as the other shakes in my latest foodie book, Shake It Off! Here are the ingredients:

*purple and orange icing

*glass mason jars or large glasses

*2 scoops pumpkin ice cream (for each shake)

*whip cream or reddi-whip for garnish

*a handful of ice cubes (for each shake)

*halloween-themed sprinkles

*1/2 cup milk (for each shake)

*chocolate or vanilla cupcakes decorated with fiendishly fun sprinkles or zombie candy

To make the shake:

First, you want to bake and decorate your cupcakes. You can use store-bought cupcake mix and icing to keep it simple. I found some fantastically spooky cupcake decorating accessories at Michael’s Craft Stores. The zombie hands were especially fun!

Once your cupcakes are decorated, it’s time to make your shake. Start by spreading a thick layer of icing around the rim of your shake glass, and streaking it down the insides of the glass as well. Add Halloween sprinkles to the icing, and then put the glass in the freezer for about 10 minutes to let the icing harden. While the glass is chilling in the freezer, prepare your shake in a blender. Remember to use adult supervision when using a blender, and never put anything into a blender while it’s turned on. For your shake, add two scoops of pumpkin ice cream, 1/2 cup cold milk, and a handful of ice cubes to your blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Take your glass from the freezer, and pour your shake into the glass. Top the shake with a heaping mound of whip cream, and carefully set your cupcake on top. Enjoy!

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