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Pumpkin Spice N’ Everything Nice Macarons Recipe

So…it’s confession time. My homemade macarons do NOT look like the ones on the cover of my book, Macarons at...
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The Monster Mash Shake

The Monster Mash Shake Recipe

This Halloween, if you’re in the mood for a frightfully delicious shake that will haunt you and all of your...
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You're Berry Sweet Custard Pie

You’re Berry Sweet Custard Pie Recipe

It’s autumn, which means the return of sweater weather, crackling fires, flaming foliage, and comfort food. It’s my favorite season,...
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Smashtastic S'mores Shake

The Smashtastic S’Mores Shake

Introducing the “Smashtastic S’Mores” crazy shake from SHAKE IT OFF! This marshmallow-y treat is perfect for a summer night around...
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