The Ghoul Next Door

The Ghoul Next Door

The Ghoul Next Door  is a Poison Apple Book

Available through Scholastic Arrow Book Club and Scholastic Book Fair


Libby’s BFF doesn’t have time for her, her secret crush has no idea she exists, and she’s in danger of failing science.  She doesn’t think her life can possibly get any more complicated, until a ghostly pale girl moves in next door.  Every time Libby tries to talk to Julia, she has a strange way of disappearing.  And when Libby sees the words Help Me scrawled on Julia’s bedroom window, she starts to suspect that something creepy—supernatural, even—is going on.  Can she find a way to help Julia when her own life is such a mess?  Or will the ghoul next door haunt her forever?


Libby was about to turn away when a movement from the Griffins’ house caught her eye.  In the far corner of the second story, a chalky white face appeared in the window.  The girl’s face floated in a sea of twisted, dripping, midnight hair, and two dark eyes stared out with such intense sadness that Libby lost her breath.  Hair prickled on her arms as she stared back at the girl, but Libby raised her hand in a half wave and smiled tentatively.  She waited for the smile to be returned, but the girl’s grave stare didn’t falter.  Then, the girl slowly raised a finger to the window and etched two words into the foggy glass: help me