The Ideas Behind My Stories
Bacon Bites about Me, My Book, and Bacon!

Fun “Bacon Bites” About YOU’RE BACON ME CRAZY Author Suzanne Nelson, Her Book, and Bacon

Four days to go until Hallmark Channel’s​ “You’re Bacon Me Crazy” movie premieres this Saturday, April 4th, 9PM/8C. The movie is based on my Scholastic​ book and stars Natalie Hall, Michael Rady, and Olivia Steele Falconer. Check out the adorable movie preview here: To celebrate, here’s a list of “Bacon Bites” about me, the You’re...
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Holly Jolly House from HOT COCOA HEARTS

The “Christmas House” that Helped to Inspire HOT COCOA HEARTS

The memories are vivid. December weather in Southern California rarely fell below freezing temperatures, but there was still a crisp nip in the air as we piled into my dad’s car to make our yearly pilgrimage to the “Christmas House.” The tradition began when I was around eleven or twelve, around the time my dad...
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Farm-Life Fun in My Books

How Farm-Life Fun Inspired SHAKE IT OFF and A TALE MAGNOLIOUS

One of my favorite parts of the writing process is deciding on and creating settings for my books. When I’m deciding on a setting, I consider interesting places I’ve visited and places my readers will find exciting and unique. In order for me to portray a setting realistically, it’s important for me to feel comfortable...
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The Real Elephant Who Inspired A TALE MAGNOLIOUS

The Elephant Who Helped to Inspire A TALE MAGNOLIOUS

The ideas for my stories come from many different sources. I’m inspired by people I meet, places I visit, adventures I’ve had, and even by my own dreams. My most recent middle-grade novel, A Tale Magnolious, was inspired by a dream about a real elephant named Mary. This is her story. Mary the Elephant Mary...
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