OVER IN A STABLE Advent Jar Craft

OVER IN A STABLE Advent Jar Craft with Author Suzanne Nelson

I love counting down the days to Christmas, because it’s my family’s favorite holiday. The hope, goodwill, and cheer at Christmastime is something I wish the world had all year round.

I’m especially thrilled that this Christmas, my holiday counting picture book, Over in a Stable, can be shared with readers everywhere. With gorgeous illustrations by Aleksandar Zololitic and published by HarperCollins Zonderkidz, this book captures all of the joy, hope, and love I feel and try to share with others each Christmas season.

OVER IN A STABLE final cover

Order a copy of Over in a Stable here.

While I love Advent Calendars, I also love the idea of doing fun family activities each day leading up to Christmas. This is why I’m sharing this craft for an Over in a Stable Advent Activity Jar.

Your finished Advent jar

It’s easy, and has simple and fun ideas for activities the whole family can enjoy. There are twenty-five activity cards inside the jar.

Each day beginning on December 1st, a member of your family can draw a card from the jar.

Then, you and your family can do the activity together.

Using the templates provided below, you can make your jar in a matter of minutes.

Making Your Advent Activity Jar

Here’s how to make your Advent Activity Jar:

Supplies for Advent Jar Craft
Supplies for Advent Jar Craft


  • Color printouts of these templates on cardstock (or regular paper is fine too):
  • Craft glue, like Elmer’s
  • Scissors
  • An empty, repurposed food jar (I used a washed peanut butter jar because it’s big and not breakable, which makes it perfect for little ones)
  • Ribbon or tissue paper to decorate the lid of your jar (optional)


Making Your Jar

  1. Cut out the jar label

Cut out the Advent Jar Label

2. Glue the label around the outside of your jar

This is how the outside of your jar will look

3. Cut out the Advent activity cards.

Cut out the Advent Jar activity cards

4. Decorate the lid of your jar with tissue paper, ribbon, or other types of festive Christmas decorations

5. Place the twenty-five activity cards into the jar

Fill your jar with activity cards

That’s it! You’re done! Wasn’t that easy?

Now your family can draw an activity card from the jar for each day of Advent. Some of the activities are silly, some are sweet, and some are about spreading kindness and joy. Have fun!

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