Trick-Or-Reaters Howlingly Fun Halloween Program

As Halloween approaches, it’s time for little ghosts and ghouls to haunt local libraries and bookstores in search of spooky stories! If you’re prowling the dark for spine-tingling books, prowl no more. With the Trick-or-Reaters program and website, creepy tales are only a click away!

About Trick-or-Reaters

As described on the Trick-or-Reaters website, “TRICK OR REATERS is a national effort to promote childhood literacy at Halloween by connecting trick-or-treaters of all ages to our free collection of over 100 scary, mysterious, and fantastical stories and the engaging activities and book recommendations that accompany them.” The program was originally “brewed up” by Curious City and Erin Murphy Literary Agency, and it’s now also run by librarian and literacy advocate Amy Denecker.

The Trick-or-Reater Tales

A Tale Magnolious, my most recent middle-grade novel, is just one of dozens of middle-grade magical, fantasy, and spooktacular books you can learn more about on the website.

A Tale Magnolious

Readers can treat themselves to ghoulishly great excerpts from each of the books on the site. The stories are by some monstrously-talented authors, like:

Lindsay Currie

Janet Fox

Christine Hayes

Joan Paquette

Dan Poblocki

RL Stine

Laurie Ann Thompson

Sara L. Thomson

Kim Ventrella

Barry Wolverton

I’ve only listed ten authors here. That’s not even close to all of them. The rest of these awesome talents can be explored further on the Trick-or-Reaters site itself!

Most of the books also have accompanying “Free and Freaky” activities and printouts that readers can sink their teeth into!

How to Sink Your Fangs into the Program

Participating in this program is easy and fun.

First, visit and explore the Trick-or-Reaters site.

Second, download some of the free and frightfully fantastic trick-or-reating printables!

Here are two great examples:

Third, print out the flyers. Give them out to eager readers and trick-or-treaters on Halloween!

Fourth, scoop up one of the hair-raising or mysterious stories. Read it, if you dare!

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