SHAKE IT OFF Featured in September Scholastic Club Flyers

Check out the Shake It Off features in two of the September Scholastic Book Club Flyers this fall (The Tab flyer and the 5th grade flyer)! It’s featured along with so many other great new middle grade books, including Raina Telgemeir’s Guts. The flyers are a fantastic way to purchase books through your school or classroom, and teachers and librarians who participate in the program receive Scholastic bonus points they can use to purchase a variety of classroom supplies. If you’re a teacher, I highly encourage you to join the Scholastic Book Club program. I grew up receiving these flyers from my teachers in elementary school, and I still remember how excited I was when I first held a new flyer in my hand. All of those books filling the pages delighted me, and I couldn’t wait to pick which of the books I wanted (most of the time, it was all of them!).

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