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YOU'RE BACON ME CRAZY Bacon CocoaNut Crackles Recipe

YOU’RE BACON ME CRAZY Bacon CocoaNut Crackles Recipe

A Sweetheart of a Treat for “You’re Bacon Me Crazy” Movie Night The Hallmark Channel “You’re Bacon Me Crazy” movie premieres in one month, on April 4th. The movie, adapted from my Scholastic middle-grade novel, You’re Bacon Me Crazy, promises just as much foodie fun and romance as the book. Make this recipe for “You’re...
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YOU'RE BACON ME CRAZY cupcake recipe


The perfect cupcake for “You’re Bacon Me Crazy” movie night! The movie adaptation of my Scholastic book, You’re Bacon Me Crazy, will debut on the Hallmark Channel on April 4th! I’m thrilled to watch the movie along with foodie friends, readers, and family. To celebrate the upcoming movie, I’ll be posting bacon-themed recipes from now...
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Valentine's Day "I'm Glaze-y For You" Donut Recipe

Valentine’s Day “I’m Glaze-y For You” Donut Recipe

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Where I live in the Northeast, February can be a dreary month. Comfort food and sweet treats are a great way to beat the winter gloom. Valentine’s Day is always an especially fun way to spread kindness and cheer in chilly weather. Inspired by my Scholastic foodie book, Donut Go Breaking...
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I Cherry-sh You Custard Pie Recipe

“I Cherry-sh You” Custard Pie

Today is National Pie Day, so I’m posting a new pie recipe inspired by my novel, I Only Have Pies For You. I admit to having a weakness for custard pie, and cherries are my favorite fruit. Pies are cozy, comfort desserts, and I loved writing about them in this book. The book is set...
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Magnolious Muddy Duster Brownies Recipe

If you’ve read A Tale Magnolious, you know that chocolate is hard to come by in the downtrodden town of Fortune’s Bluff. Chocolate chip cookies weren’t even invented until the late 1930s (A world without chocolate-chip cookies…how could it ever have existed?). Chocolate morsels weren’t yet invented, either. So, in honor of Nitty, Magnolious, and...
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You're Berry Sweet Custard Pie

You’re Berry Sweet Custard Pie Recipe

It’s autumn, which means the return of sweater weather, crackling fires, flaming foliage, and comfort food. It’s my favorite season, and puts me in the mood for baking. One of my favorite fall desserts is pie, which is why I especially loved writing about pie in I Only Have Pies For You. While fresh berries...
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